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My Favorite Resource Featuring Missy Greathouse

Nicole Wilmet, June 7th, 2018

Our series, My Favorite Resource, features interviews with our court ADR friends across the country to learn about their favorite resource. This month, Resource Center Director Nicole Wilmet spoke with Missy Greathouse, the Executive Director of Dispute Resolution Institute to learn about her favorite ADR Resource.

NW: What is one of your favorite ADR resources?

MG: Other than RSI’s website and newsletter (my number one favorite resources), my current favorite ADR resource is the newsletter of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution – In the Alternative.

NW: Why do you value this particular resource?

MG: On average there are six newsletters released a year, with updates on cases, ADR news and articles on topics of interest to those of us in ADR. I appreciate the information that is Illinois specific, but especially appreciate the opportunity to learn what is going on around the country.

NW: How did you first learn about this resource?

MG: When I joined the ISBA years ago, I learned about the newsletter when I signed up for the section. In addition, I have had the privilege of serving on the ISBA ADR Section Council for the last few years and have been able to see the work our editor puts into the newsletter along with the help of students from North Central College.

NW: For those unfamiliar with this resource, what is one part of this resource that you wouldn’t want someone to miss?

MG: I would definitely recommend the case briefs section to ensure you’re updated on the latest cases and how the ruling may affect our practice as ADR practitioners.

If you have a favorite resource you would like to share in an upcoming edition of our newsletter, please reach out to our Resource Center Director and Court ADR Connection Editor, Nicole Wilmet at!

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