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RSI Hosts CLE for 17th Circuit Foreclosure Mediation Program

Just Court ADR, June 25th, 2018

On Friday, June 22nd, RSI held a continuing education event for its mediators in the 17th Circuit Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program, serving the Rockford area. This event came as the court prepares to bring the program in-house after more than four years of RSI administering the program under a soon-to-conclude grant from the Illinois Attorney General. The event included a roundtable discussion of mediators’ greatest challenges and successes, a look back at the outcomes achieved under the grant, and a presentation on the Hardest Hit Fund program, a federal program which is giving many homeowners assistance with their mortgage arrears. RSI thanks the mediators of the 17th Circuit for their service these past four years, and wishes the 17th Judicial Court of Illinois great success in carrying the program forward.

Presenters from top to bottom: Melissa Radick, Hardest Hit Fund Housing Counselor – HomeStart; Eric Slepak-Cherney, RSI’s Director of ADR Programs; and Sarah Flores, Program Coordinator for the 17th Circuit Foreclosure Mediation Program.

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