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The Mission of Resolution Systems Institute

For nearly 30 years, Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) has been working to strengthen access to justice by enhancing court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems. RSI gathers and disseminates reliable information about court ADR, conducts research on and evaluates court ADR programs, assists courts and others in establishing mediation programs, and operates a court mediation program that provides direct services to people who face eviction.

On the Just Court ADR blog, RSI staff members share updates, expertise and perspectives on current court ADR research and issues. RSI is the go-to evaluator for court ADR programs, with decades of experience assessing mediation and online dispute resolution (ODR) programs throughout the United States. Click here to learn about RSI’s services or here to access RSI’s Court ADR Resource Center, the most comprehensive and respected source of information on court ADR available anywhere. Additionally, if you enjoy or use our resources, please consider supporting RSI with a tax-deductible donation here. For regular updates on news and events in court ADR, and to connect with other court ADR professionals, follow RSI on Facebook or LinkedIn, or sign up to receive our monthly Court ADR Connection e-newsletter.

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