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Family Law Arbitration Act

Susan M. Yates, March 24th, 2015

People who have been involved with family law are likely to have encountered mediation, especially in child-related issues. But what about arbitration?

The Uniform Law Commission is in the midst of drafting a Family Law Arbitration Act designed to provide a structure for arbitration of family law matters. The draft act provides many of the typical characteristics of arbitration that distinguish it from litigation. For example, parties will enter arbitration through an agreement to arbitrate; parties select and hire their arbitrator; arbitration proceedings and awards can be confidential; and arbitration awards are final, with very limited causes for appeal to a court. Family law arbitration differs from commercial arbitration in some key respects, such as greater opportunities for judicial review of awards determining child custody and support.

Family arbitration is quite dissimilar from family mediation. Most importantly, the arbitrator makes a decision that (more…)

Professor Seeks Domestic Violence Screening Tools

Susan M. Yates, June 28th, 2011

Prof. Susan Raines of Kennesaw State University is seeking examples of instruments used by mediation programs to screen for domestic violence. She writes:

“As Georgia considers revising its screening tools and policies for domestic violence in mediation, I am seeking examples from other jurisdictions within and outside the United States. As a researcher at Kennesaw State University’s Conflict Management Master’s Program, it is my hope that any changes to Georgia’s DV screening and policies will reflect the current state of knowledge on the subject as well as best practices from our peer courts.”

If your state or program has tools to share please send them to Susan ( She may also conduct a small number of interviews with court staff, judges, or mediators in other states. If Susan’s name sounds familiar, it may be because she is the editor of Conflict Resolution Quarterly, where she does a great job juggling lots of potential articles and putting together a quality publication.

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