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My Favorite Resource Featuring Raeshann Canady

Nicole Wilmet, August 2nd, 2018

Our series, My Favorite Resource, features interviews with our court ADR friends across the country to learn about their favorite resource. This month, Resource Center Director Nicole Wilmet spoke with Raeshann Canady the Court Division Administrator for the Eighth Judicial District Court Clark County, Nevada, to learn about her favorite ADR resource.

NW: What is your favorite ADR Resource?

RC: I have two favorite ADR resources.  One is a training manual I received while taking an advanced mediation training with Ken Cloke, “Advanced Mediation Training: Maintaining Dialogue and Overcoming Impasse,” and one is the Resolution Systems Institute newsletter.

NW: Why do you value these particular resources?

RC: Both resources include information about research related to mediation.  Incorporating evidence-informed decision making into my practice is very important.

NW: How did you first learn about these resources?

RC: I learned about both resources from a faculty member at UNLV’s Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution.

NW: For those unfamiliar with these resources, what is one part of this resource that you wouldn’t want someone to miss? 

 RC: Don’t miss Ken Cloke’s discussion about research on “priming” and don’t miss the research-related section of RSI’s newsletter.

If you have a favorite resource you would like to share in an upcoming edition of our Court ADR Connection newsletter, please reach out to our Resource Center Director and Court ADR Connection Editor, Nicole Wilmet at!

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