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State Resource Spotlight, Part 2

Just Court ADR, June 4th, 2013

Last week I discussed three excellent court ADR websites from around the country. This week, here are three more outstanding sites.

Each of the sites in this series offers resources that make it unique. From a pledge for businesses to commit to ADR, to a parties’ guide to selecting a mediator, many of these features can be useful far beyond the boundaries of their own state. 

MACRO – Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office
Affiliated with: Maryland Judiciary

The MACRO website is a well-organized example of ADR information that serves the needs of particular audiences. For potential parties, an extensive consumers’ guide delivers a thorough explanation of ADR services statewide. Mediators can receive training information, while businesses and law firms are invited to “Take the ADR Pledge.”  MACRO also offers numerous reports and studies the office has performed over the years.

North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission
Affiliated with: the North Carolina Court System

The Dispute Resolution Commission has also organized their information with an eye towards different users’ needs. Information for potential parties includes a guide for selecting a mediator. Information for mediators has been grouped into two functional collections: Mediator’s Information, which is useful for certification and training, and the Mediator’s Toolbox, which gathers forms, court rules, fee information, and links to district courts in one location.

Dispute Resolution Section
Affiliated with: the Supreme Court of Ohio & the Ohio Judicial System

The Dispute Resolution Section begins with a short list of topics such as Resources and Training & Professional Development, then offers a wide array of pages exploring each one. Resources include rules and legislation, a thorough discussion of the history of dispute resolution in Ohio, and a detailed explanation of court-connected mediation in the state.

What other exemplary ADR resources have you found on state court sites? Has your office created a resource that more people should know about? Post a link, and I’ll continue to spotlight court ADR websites around the country.

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