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Guiding Dispute Resolution into the Future: Read RSI’s 2019 Annual Report

Susan M. Yates, April 24th, 2020

Hello Friend of RSI,

Even as COVID-19 has yet to crest, the adjectives associated with it such as “unprecedented” and “uncertain” – are becoming increasingly uniform. The adjective most associated with the future – at least in my mind – is “unknowable.” 

So, what do we do? First, at RSI we express gratitude. We are grateful that our staff can safely work from home. And we are grateful that – thanks to our steadfast supporters – we can continue to make a significant contribution in a struggling society. 

Next, we figure out how to apply our expertise to make the most meaningful contribution. As you will see from our Annual Report for 2019, much of our work recently has focused on how technology can help improve access to justice. The current situation calls for us to leverage that expertise to do our best to help courts through this unprecedented, uncertain time.

Improving access to justice through court ADR and ODR is not as fundamental as food, shelter and medical care. Nonetheless, a reliable and accessible justice system is essential to a functioning society. If you are able to support, please make a donation to Resolution Systems Institute. Your support will enable us to continue guiding courts as we all face an unknowable future.

Be well,

Susan M. Yates

RSI Executive Director

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