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Two New Chapters of RSI’s Guide to Program Success and a Special Topic for Program Administrators Now Available!

Nicole Wilmet, September 30th, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that two new chapters of our Guide to Program Success are now available! RSI’s Guide to Program Success combines the expertise of Executive Director Susan Yates and Director of Research Jennifer Shack and discusses how to effectively design, manage and evaluate successful court ADR programs. Newly released Chapter 10: Write Your Court Rules focus on writing and revising court rules and includes a Guide to Exemplary Rules, which highlights exemplary rules courts can turn to for guidance when developing or updating their court rules. Chapter 11: Design a System to Track Your Program discusses how courts can design a system to collect useful data so they know how their program is doing.

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce a new Special Topic for Program Administrators which corresponds with our Guide to Program Success to answer questions that program administrators may have about developing a new court ADR program and running or improving an existing one. Examples of some of the questions answered and included in the new Special Topic include: why should courts start an ADR program, who should be involved in the program development or improvement process, what does the planning team need to know before writing court rules and designing program processes, and when and how should courts be tracking program progress or evaluating the program?

We hope you find these resources valuable in your work!

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