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CRQ Wants You

Susan M. Yates, March 9th, 2010

Ever thought about writing for publication? In the ADR field, I think of writing and reading articles as an integral part of our conversation about how to improve what we do. I know I am especially interested in new, reliable information about what is happening in court ADR. If you have learned something useful about court ADR, I urge you to share it with others.

It seems like there are more journals related to ADR all the time, but one that remains open to anyone in the field is Conflict Resolution Quarterly. (Disclosure: I am on the CRQ Editorial Board.) CRQ is always open to reviewing submissions. They are busiest during academic breaks, so if you are thinking about submitting something, consider doing it while class is in full swing. One in four submissions is accepted, and they try to get back to you within eight weeks, so you’ll know where things stand rather quickly.

If you have read CRQ, you know that they have an incredible variety of material. What you want to say just might fit. For more information, see the Conflict Resolution Quarterly web site at If you would like to confer with a human being about your project, contact the CRQ Editor, Susan Raines at


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