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Getting to Know You

Just Court ADR, August 19th, 2015

Prior to becoming the new Resource Center Director for Resolution Systems Institute last month, I was informed (warned?) that this role was one that required versatility. As with most undertakings in life, there was no way to truly comprehend what that disclaimer meant until I had plunged full speed into this role. Just over a month in, my CV can now include drafting press releases to help promote RSI’s Attorney General-funded Illinois Foreclosure Mediation Programs, proposing long-term strategies for the growth of our Resource Center and researching avenues of development and fundraising to continue RSI’s efforts in administering court ADR programs. Had you tasked Franz Kafka to write my job description, he would have resigned in protest, claiming, “It’s too abstract!”

Luckily, I have found solidarity now that I have begun getting to know the court Eric profileadministrators for whom we have developed the Resource Center. In communicating with these talented and dedicated individuals, I have found comrades who too know the struggle of coordinating a multitude of moving parts. But more importantly, as you will see in a follow-up post tomorrow, speaking with these folks has allowed me to learn a tremendous amount about Court ADR and the pressing issues programs face in their efforts to enhance access to justice through ADR.

As Resource Center Director, my goal is to provide answers for your burning questions. In this role, I am eager to share RSI’s tremendous wealth of knowledge and engage you, our stakeholders, in ways that help inform the profound decisions you have to make.

If you have any questions about court ADR or would like to share information on your program, I’d love to hear from you! Use the comments section below, or send an email to

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  1. Great to have you here at RSI, Eric!

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