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Just Court ADR

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On Just Court ADR, Resolution Systems Institute staff members will discuss current issues in court alternative dispute resolution, hopefully bringing fresh, unique perspectives to these topics. RSI’s mission is to strengthen justice by enhancing court ADR systems through expertise in program development, research and resources. RSI focuses on court-related ADR because the justice system is where people usually turn when they are in conflict. Working in Illinois and nationally, RSI gathers and disseminates reliable information about court ADR, conducts analyses of court ADR program models, and builds networks among interested individuals and organizations. RSI also assists courts and communities in establishing mediation programs and determining how to monitor and evaluate them.

To learn more about RSI’s programs and publications, visit For more information about court ADR, visit, RSI’s national court ADR resource center. For regular updates on news and events in court ADR, and to connect with other court ADR professionals, follow RSI on Facebook and LinkedIn.